We want to be your first security hire.

Latacora is Jeremy Rauch, Erin Ptacek, Laurens Van Houtven, and Thomas Ptacek (also turn JS back on). Three of us ran a company called Matasano Security together. This is our new thing.

The name doesn't mean anything.

We work exclusively with startups.

We're a bridge to staffing a full-time security team. Rather than hiring headcount dedicated to security, you engage us. We work directly with your engineering team, doing the things a Director/Security does. We provide both guidance and implementation.

Security Strategy

We help leadership assess risks and communicate security to customers and prospects.

Systems Security

We ensure your assets are safe as-deployed, including provisioning, access management, and logging.


We work with your developers to build a secure software practice that includes training and testing.

You get back to making things people want. We're a way to build and manage a security program that's easier and less risky than hiring. Eventually, you staff your own security team. We help you do that, too.

Security is hard on startup cash flow. But we're creative.

If we're a good fit, we'll work with you to structure our compensation. Our costs are in line with a good security engineer — but with flexible payment and less immediate cash-flow impact.

Growing a business is exciting. We'd like to make it just a little less exciting for you.

Drop us a line at youagain@latacora.com.